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• 3/23/2016

The Space Outlaw

Hi guys. So I was rewatching all the episodes recently and a thought crossed my mind about the Space Outlaw. So we can infer that Puppycat is the space outlaw because of the reflection in the window at the end...but then what does that make Wallace? Or the monster Wallace becomes?

Is Wallace the king? Or a result of the magic? And what other evidence is there that Puppycat is the outlaw?

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• 3/23/2016

Hmm...we can never really tell, but for me, the monster probably used Wallace as a disguise (dunno), since PuppyCat had already known him before. As for the outlaw, 1) Natasha Allegri drew the outlaw and the princess kissing, and when she posted it on Tumblr, she wrote "A couple young PuppyCats and an older one" on the description. 2) In a video straight from Cartoon Hangover titled, "Why you wish PuppyCat was your sidekick," the narrator states that PuppyCat was the space outlaw, cursed to look "cute and nubby"...

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