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Bee's Dad is briefly shown in a photograph, and mentioned in the cartoon series but hasn't been seen in the comic series. However, Natasha Allegri published a sketch and a drawing showing him on Tumblr.
He is said to appear in future episodes. It has also been confirmed that he will be voiced by Shannon McCormick.

He is probably a computer programmer, as he created the Dad box, many games at Glitch Gorge, and possibly even Bee herself, who is probably a robot.

He is currently "gone", It is unclear if he is dead or if he left Bee.

Some clues about what happened to Bee's Dad are in the song the Dad box sings. If we re-watch it after learning Bee is a Cyborg/Robot then the lyrics take on a new meaning. "Don't be sad, I'm still your Dad, I'd be there if I could." Either means he's dead or that something is stopping him from seeing her. It seems he dissapeared very soon after creating/resurecting her. Is it possible he was arrested for creating Bee or for turning her into a cyborg? Or perhaps he's on the run? Did he leave the island because of the contoversy that might occur if it was found out that he'd turned his daughter into a Robot? It seems Deckard also left so he would be less likely to spill Bee's secret. The "Don't be sad, I'm still your Dad." part of he song sounds like something Bee's Dad would say to her in response to her being confused or depressed about her new Robot body. It seems Bee is very detirmined to keep it a secret and not leave the island incase she's found out.
Happy birthday Bee-0

Happy birthday Bee-0