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Bee's Home
CH Blog new apartment 207
Type Residence
Owner Cardamon (landlord)
Address Apt. 207
First episode "Bee and PuppyCat Part 1"
Latest episode "Donut"
Times 10
Bee lives in apartment 207. She lived there alone until she took in PuppyCat.


Originally, the living room of Bee's apartment was sparingly furnished with a blue sofa, a triangle side table, a blue lamp, a portrait of Pretty Patrick winking, and twinkling lights in the window. After the redesign, the room looks considerably larger and is packed with much more furniture. The layout has also changed, with the most notable changes being the new floorplan and the increased storage space in an open attic.


  • Bee has a black cat shaped statue with a gold star on its head that is sitting on her shelf. It resembles Luna from Sailor Moon.


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