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A Bee and PuppyCat comic series was released in 2014. It was produced by Kaboom!, an imprint of Boom! Studios. Creator Natasha Allegri has stated an interest in continuing to tell Bee's story through the comics if the animated series doesn't pan out. [1] It was to run for six comics in total, but ended up running for nine comics instead.

Bee and PuppyCat is co-written by Allegri, Garrett Jackson, and Madeleine Flores, with art by Allegri, lettering by Britt Wilson, and colors by Allegri and Patrick Seery. The very first issue, Bee and PuppyCat #1, hit stores on May 14, 2014.

List of issues

Issue Cover Release date Cover variations
Issue 1 Issue 1 cover a May 14, 2014 12
Issue 2 Issue 2 cover a June 11, 2014 4
Issue 3 Bee and Puppycat -03 August 27, 2014 4
Issue 4 Bee and Puppycat -04 September 24, 2014 4
Issue 5 Bee and Puppycat -05 (Cover A) October 22, 2014 3
Issue 6 Bee and Puppycat -06 (Cover A) September 26, 2014 3
Issue 7 Bee and Puppycat -07 (Cover A) December 24, 2014 3
Issue 8 Bee and Puppycat -08 (Cover A) April 8, 2015 3
Issue 9 Bee and Puppycat -09 (Rose Besch Cover) September 30, 2015 2
Issue 10 Bee and Puppycat -10 (Cover A) April 4, 2016 2
Issue 11 Bee and Puppycat -11 (Cover A) April 20, 2016 2




  1. Chris Sims (November 7, 2013). Bee and PuppyCat Comic Interview. Comics Alliance. Retrieved on January 21, 2014.

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