The cast of Bee and PuppyCat is made up of the voice actors for the cartoon. The crew is the team of people that produced, animated, and otherwise worked on the series.



  • Natasha Allegri
Sheet Timing
  • Larry Leichliter
Character Designers
Prop/EFX Designers
  • Zachary Sterling
Char/prop/EFX Clean Up artists
  • Jojo Baptista
  • Cory Holmes
Background Designers
  • Alex Dilts
  • Hans Tseng
Background Painters
  • Amanda Thomas
  • Emily Partridge
  • Lane Garrison
Production Managers
  • Sylvia Edwards
Production Coordinators
  • Stephen Worth
  • Dana Jo Granger
Production Assistants
  • Ross Kolde
  • Diane Kolde
Casting Director
  • Meredith Layne
  • Andy Tauke
  • Dave Woody
Voice Director
  • Kent Osborne
Dialogue Recording
  • Salami Studios Post Production
Dialogue Mixer
  • Mark Mercado
Assistant Dialogue Mixer
  • Jonathan Abelardo
Post Production
  • Salami Studios Post Production
Sound Design and Editorial
  • Robert McIntyre
Sound Effects Editor
  • Jessey Drake
Foley Mixer
  • Roberto Dominguez Alegria
Foley Artist
  • Cynthia Merrill
Dialogue Conform
  • Mark Mercado
Re-recording Mixer
  • Thomas J. Maydeck C.A.S.
Animation Checking
  • Wendy Jacobsmeyer
Track Reading
  • Slightly-off Track Inc.
Animation Services
  • Dongwoo A&E Co., Ltd
Animation Director
  • Ki-ho Hwang
Layout Artists
  • Jae-ryong Shim
Model Checker
  • Hee-jin Choi
Assistant Animation Supervisors
  • Jung-sil Kang
Key Animation
  • Jung-seok Seo
  • Jong-min Kim
  • Jae-won Baec
  • In-seol Hwang
  • Hyun-seok Seo
  • Hak-soo Bok
  • Young-rim Lee
Final Checker
  • Eun-hee Jung
Background Director
  • Yoon-ho Lee
Color Stylists
  • Mi-ok Jeon
  • Efrain Farias
  • Kang-ok Kim
  • Joo-hee Yang
  • Soo-jung Yang
  • Eun-joo Choi
  • Mi-kyung Lee
Production Staff
  • Young-wun Park
  • Sua Park
  • Shinwan Kim
Art director
  • Efrain Farias


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