In 2013, Frederator created a Kickstarter campaign to fund the Bee and PuppyCat series.


The Kickstarter was started October 15, 2013, and achieved its $600,000 goal 6 days before the deadline. The minimum goal was to raise enough to create six 6-minute episodes, with any extra funding used to create additional episodes. By the end, they had raised $872,133, earning nine 6-minute episodes. The first episode will air in the summer of 2014. [1]


Backers pledged between $15 and $10,000. They received varying rewards including access to a special Bee and PuppyCat blog, T-shirts, and a copy of the comic with a Kickstarter exclusive alternative cover.

Rewards Pledge
Digital Membership Card $15 or more
Bee and PuppyCat Ringtones
Kickstarter Backer's Blog
Early access to episodes
Animatic teasers $20 or more
Soundtrack download
Thank-you postcard (optional)
Storyboard PDF's $35 or more
Episode downloads
Physical Membership Card $50 or more
Mini-print $75 or more
Comic #1 w/Exclusive Cover
Signed Mini-print $100 or more
Access to 1st screening $150 or more
Listing on thank you page
Access to 2nd screening $175 or more
Access to 3rd screening $200 or more
Signed Comic #1 w/Exclusive sketch cover $250 or more
Exclusive PuppyCat Squishable $400 or more
Original Production drawings $750 or more
A shirt for every episode made $2,500 or more
Signed comics for 2 years
Access to an episode voice recording $5,000 or more
Name in episode background
Production art from name scene
Access to an episode audio mix $10,000 or more
"Executive Space Emperor" credit
Graphic art for credit


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