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Temp uniform
Frederator Blog bee uniform turn
Type Clothing
First episode "Bee and PuppyCat Part 2"

The temp uniform is a recurring item in Bee and PuppyCat. Bee's temp uniform changes from job to job, depending on what Temp-bot thinks she will need for the assignment. Each outfit has its own special ability.


Space suit

Bee's first uniform is a space suit that is colored to look like PuppyCat and his markings.

Ability: Bee can summon a sword from the bell collar.


Pink overalls with a letter on the chest, a yellow and white shirt with matching PuppyCat baseball cap, and a pair of brown boots.

Ability: Magic bottomless pockets that can summon random magic farm and gardening paraphernalia.

Puppycat Onesie

An adult onesie in the shape and design of PuppyCat.

Ability: Looking cute to giant cats.




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