Temp work assignment
Part 1 temp envelope
Type Letter
First episode "Bee and PuppyCat Part 1"
Latest episode "Bee and PuppyCat Part 1"
Appearances 1

The temp work assignment is a recurring object in Bee and PuppyCat.


The assignment is a contract between temps and the agency to complete a job. Upon being signed, it can teleport employees to their agents.


The assignment comes in a pink envelope with a striped flap and a black seal shaped like PuppyCat's head.


The assignment first appears in Bee's living room. When PuppyCat is summoned, the letter emerges from his bell. Bee is startled at first, but after reading it, she acts as if everything makes sense. PuppyCat signs the contract with his pawprint and he and Bee are teleported to the job in Fishbowl Space.

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