SEASON ONE. BEE AND PUPPYCAT. IT'S HERE!!! To celebrate the recent premiere, invite your friends over for the next episode and cook up this Bee & Puppycat inspired menu to celebrate. Enjoy!

Bee loves Fish Cakes, so fry up these cod fish cakes as an appetizer for your party. After all, you wouldn't want to make Wallace cry for not including fish in your menu.


Remember when Bee lost her job and was devastated? And remember when Deckard was a total sweetheart and brought her a consolation lasagna? Make your own "consolation" lasagna.


For the premiere of Bee and Puppycat, Nerdist created these adorable cheeseburger cookies. Bee and PuppyCat share a cheeseburger when Cass brings them home one day. Make them for dessert and impress your friends!


Well...we already know that Bee IS "the bee's knees", so make this cocktail in her honor.


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Do you have any tasty Bee & Puppycat themed food or drink recipe ideas? Share them in the comments below!

Which recipe is your favorite?

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